Mysticism in Web Design

12/28/2017 12:11:37 AM by admin

The divine ratio (1.618). Although the number itself has minimal meaning in web design, The construction of magic rectangles with divine ratios is a strong web design approach. Creating magic rectangles using Fibonacci sequences creates a visible framework to work in. It also mirrors what we naturally see in the world around us and naturally attracts the eyes to the web site message.

How to do this? Draw two 1x1 squares next to each other. Next draw one 2x2 square adjacent to the previous squares. Now do a 3x3 square next to the previous. Finally do a 5x5 square next to the previous one. In the end there will be a template of natural proportions that the human eye is comfortable looking at. Go back to each square and fill in the message your web site is sending and watch the traffic flow.

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