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12/28/2017 12:16:18 AM by admin

Joomla, DNN and other content management systems, once the high hopes of user experience and company information dispensing, are now just past memories. What they lacked was that ability to present information in a very specific way that only worked for that particular organization. They failed because many were designed as modular components. Yes they quickly changed content and gave more control over the content presentation but still confined the user to a pre-programmed experience.

Then came the SiteFinity CMS. Not long ago, we did a SalesForce integration project with it and were totally taken aback. With its MVC architecture and built in support for just about every protocol, it was just as simple as pie to add custom widgets that integrated with SalesForce via REST. In the past, creating a module not only involved some fancy code registration, but a ton of time to build user interfaces. SiteFinity stays true to object oriented principles. Not only is it easy to extend existing components, but the UIs come with base templates that can be extended or left alone and function as any of the many legacy ones.

There never was a Windows based CMS, as I recall, that offered features and extensibility, until now. The base price is affordable. If you need extras of course it will cost more. If you have access to developers, SiteFinity can easily become an enterprise wide information portal.

I give it two space bars and a caps lock. Download the demo version and tell me you don’t agree.

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