Traffic Conversions From 10000 to 3

12/28/2017 12:12:35 AM by admin

We launched and new app a few weeks ago. Now the tedious task of marketing and driving traffic is undergoing. Some of the metrics are surprising so far. Social media currently accounts for about 31% of all web traffic referrers as Shareaholics sees it. This is a huge amount of traffic coming from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and etc. So far we are seeing about 3 referrers from about 10K+ viewers. Only a few years ago we would have expected at least 1% of the viewers come over to our site. Is Guerrilla marketing on its last days? How is it that 30% of all traffic comes from these same social media sites with tiny referrer rates? It is so because the volume of the remaining 70% has tanked.

Traffic is dominated by paid advertising as Shareaholics is part of that same pay for traffic model. What is left is the lower amounts of volume driven by social media outlets. I think what our data shows is that future marketing campaigns will depend less on high volumes an more on targeted marketing.

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