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Definition of GOGI

: a person who is socially awkward and loves the Arizona desert
: a usually intelligent person who does not fit in with other people
: a person who makes great software

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We are trained and educated in making software. We are project driven software cosultants. Consulting in software development for over a decade. Our all inclusive hourly rates average 30% lower than staffing agencies. Hire us direct for 6 to 12 month projects and save.

We are technology professionals. Our skills cover .NET, ASPX, Java, Jquery, Angular, C#, VB, Flash, AS3 on platforms such as Windows Server, Azure, Amazon Web Services, Android, Salesforce.

Team motivators. TFS, Subversion, Linq or SQL queries. We advise development teams on building a collaborative and efficient environment.


"Like having a silent partner is business. Goran really looked after our interests and took the extra steps to bring us what we needed."

" There comes a time when even your best talent will reach an impass - staring at the computer for days and scratching their noggin because they are not sure how to resolve a particular software engineering challenge. That is, unless you know Goran at Gogi Software. I was able to contact Goran, explain the challenges on the project, and he got things ironed out quickly so we could move forward. This included extending a limitation of the .NET 2.0 Framework's SqlCommandBuilder object to handle joined tables... now a guy's GOTTA know what he's talking about to handle that task in a couple day's work!"

" Goran is a true professional in the sense of the word. I have hired him to help connect the family business. He was very responsive and listened to what my concerns were. He explained in great detail through the entire process. If I have a need again I will hire Goran again. Thanks for all the advice and getting the family business connected!"