Practical Service

All of us at Gogisoft have consulted for global companies. The idea of offering our services for 30% less to clients was just an idea we had to explore. How did we do this? With reasonable rates and low overhead. Our office is small, because we work from home. We work directly with our clients and no third party is involved. This means we only have ourselves to pay and can offer you the best rate possible on the market. All of our coding is done in Arizona by US citizens. This lets us seek government contracts which assures you are quoted the lowest rates. Your location or remote, our application knowledge and commitment makes it all worth while. It is all contract based so you have nothing to loose and a reliable technology partner to gain.

Have you ever found another use for that empty jar of pickles? Of course you have. Reusing things is human nature. We do the same with software. Miscrosoft, Android, iOS, JQuery, HTML5. We have many complex past projects with individual components that apply to a diverse set of industries. Our model is to add business logic, not re-create it. In return, you get quality solutions, fast turn around times at total costs that just can not be beat.

We are the software consultants and you are the lead that we follow. We are not going to waste your time listening to us speak. We certainly don't want to waste our time just listening to you speak. We want your business needs as quickly as possible and a project plan shortly after. Focussing on the "heart of the matter" is what saves money and delivers results. How can all this happen? By building close relationships with you, carefully listeneing to what you need, and using our experience to keep the project on a true path.